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”You ARE Forgiven” | The WISDOM podcast | S2 E27

June 16, 2022


"You Are Forgiven"

The WISDOM podcast  Season 2  Episode 27


These are the words spoken to offer you a clean slate; to remind you that for anything that you have ever said or done, for whatever has happened, for anything that you continue to blame yourself for – that you are forgiven.


What if this were possible?


Would it change how you feel about yourself?


Would you be able to let go of; to shed some or perhaps all of what has caused you to feel guilty, alone, sad, sorrowful; remorse or regret?


Can complete forgiveness directed towards yourself for every unkind or hurtful word or action, for every envious, angry, critical thought that you’ve held; be a positive step – or even the solution to break free of what holds you back?


I recently tried this experience for myself as an experiment to witness what rises up immediately to the notion that I am forgiven; that complete forgiveness is possible. It is entirely feasible and in fact it is a long awaited secret to healing yourself and feeling whole.


This is what we all intrinsically seek. We all want to feel whole and this is why we go in search of it; whether consciously or subconsciously.


Join me in this Episode for a certain and radical way to free yourself; and to experience self-love and wholeness.


💜 Namaste! xo




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Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...


love, dorothy



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