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Where Do I Begin? | ’ask dorothy’ | A Real Life Client Story | The WISDOM podcast | S2 E57

March 23, 2021


'ask dorothy'

Where Do I Begin? | A Real Life Client Story

The WISDOM podcast  Season 2 Episode 57


Your answers are waiting for you.



This is a natural response to the idea of beginning therapy for those who have never had the experience.


It’s a response that I myself, and the other clinical interns that I trained with all shared as we looked at each other with a blank expression and a little apprehension because after all, what if you had never spoken to someone about something very personal and private; and something that would reveal parts of your life and your upbringing and some of your behaviours were less than ideal.


Unsure of what it will mean; or perhaps not fully read to open Pandora’s box; to look at your life from a perspective of:

What was the impact of that experience on me?

How can I reconcile that situation so that I’m not reliving it each time I think about it?

How did those life events, and the way that I was raised shape my thinking, my beliefs, and my confidence?

Is there a way to change what I do so that I’m not feeling stressed, angry, or sad anymore?

How can I improve parts of my life so that I can feel and live happy?’ and

Could I possibly fix or heal that hurt or wound of the past?’


There is an answer for each of these questions, waiting for you.


Join me for the answers to where and when you would benefit most from beginning therapy, and the real life story of my client Garrett and his wife Dina and how the timing of therapy could have made all of the difference.


*The names of my clients have been changed to protect their privacy.  Their stories are real.


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