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When Is It Burnout? | ‘ask dorothy’ | A Real Life Client Story | The WISDOM podcast | S2 E83

June 23, 2021

'ask dorothy'

When Is It Burnout?| A Real Life Client Story

The WISDOM podcast  Season 2 Episode 83


If you are listening because you have been wondering if what you are feeling is burnout; if the past nearly sixteen months at the time of release of this episode has been some of the most challenging of your adult life; and if you can’t seem to shake the lack of motivation; the dulled or blunted emotions, the constant pressure you have placed upon yourself and what you feel from others; and the chronic emotional and physical exhaustion that has become your new normalcy, here I offer some of the best strategies and novel ideas to help you shake the feeling of exhaustion and burnout that you’ve been living with in one full swoop. The prescription is simple; the challenge will be to make this a new solid habit that you integrate as a lifestyle practice.


Dive in with me to this. You are closer than you think to reaching the other side; to release the symptoms of burnout and instead enjoy the experience of continual rejuvenation, relief, imagination, inspiration and hope.


Listen as I share my client Kim's* story of how she unknowingly crossed over into the zone of burnout and what best practices and strategies were most helpful to change her approach to her work and to the rest of her life.


*The name of my client has been changed to maintain confidentiality. Her story is real.


Resources and Recommended Reading:

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Sending you great 💜love...


Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...


love, dorothy


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