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What is Your Path of Joy? | ’ask dorothy’ | A Real Life Client Story | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E36

April 12, 2022



'ask dorothy'

What is Your Path of Joy? | A Real Life Client Story

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 36

The beauty of joy is that it acts as a road map for the expression of happiness and the inner fulfillment that honours your heart in light of your moment by moment choices. -




Podcast Theme Intro:  0-1:32 |  An Intro to this Episode and A Memory of 'Joy' of My Life:   | What is Your Path of Joy? Question For Your Contemplation:  2:53 | My Client Sarah*:  5:04 | Sarah's Path of Joy:  6:42 | How Joy is Experienced:  9:10 |  How Sarah Would Reclaim Her Path of Joy: 9:55 |  The One Protocol That Will Always Illuminates Your Path of Joy:  11:32 |  Podcast Theme Outro:  13:43


What is your path of joy? How is joy your inspiration; leading you on your journey through life? Where in your physical being do you feel joy? How does joy reveal itself to you?



For my client Sarah, joy became a desired longing and a precious gift the longer that she remained out of joy.

In our session, Sarah reminded herself of her path of joy – of how it felt as the energy of lightness and ease and of the happiness.


Joy is experienced in the simple and deliberate expressions of gratitude and abundance. Joy is always with you. It is easily accessible as you acknowledge its existence and as you hold a place in your heart for its infinite love in the present moment ~ and in your pure witnessing of it.


The beauty of joy is that it acts as a road map for the expression of happiness and the inner fulfillment that honours your heart in light of your moment by moment choices.


Sarah would need to be wholly honest with herself to reclaim her path of joy. You need to do the same. We all do. Joy is easily accessible. It is the acknowledgement of all that you are in appreciation of, and the kindness you hold in your thoughts and words for yourself and others.


Joy lived in Sarah’s expression of honesty and acknowledgement of what she needed to be happy.


Could you live in your expression of self-honesty? Could you follow what is truly your right path, moment by moment?


*My client’s name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.


Each Tuesday at 8pm EST, I take you on a journey - inside - what happens in a session of Life Coaching and Therapy in the 'ask dorothy' series as we answer the questions that honour your path and your life.



If you would like my help to find your path back to joy and authentic happiness, please reach out to me.



Sending you great 💜 love...


Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...


love, dorothy


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