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Self-Acceptance Is The Language of Self-Love | The WISDOM podcast | S2 E60

April 4, 2021

Self-Acceptance Is The Language of Self-Love

The WISDOM podcast  Season 2  Episode 60



Self-acceptance is how you move into your heart. It is how you choose to witness yourself in the presence of wonder and great light. If you are listening perhaps you have contemplated what self-acceptance truly feels like; how it embraces all of you; how the majesty of what you are and what you hold becomes sacred.


To live in the acceptance of who and what you are is to live of your spiritual self. It is to hold true to who you are in the face of honoring what you seek to become; and in the presence of right action.


A part of what you will hear in this episode comes out of my 10-day course: ‘The Sacred Teachings of Being Love.’ You can find this course and others in The School of Wisdom. (This course is set to launch in the summer of 2021).

Self-acceptance is one extraordinary element to living whole and feeling self-love. It is intrinsically tied to how you live and respond in the world.


If you have been struggling to build your confidence. If your self-esteem has cause you to doubt your abilities. If your confidence needs to be reflective of all that you truly are, then sit back with attention; you may choose to close your eyes to take in all of my words as you allow this wisdom in to you; to be what you have been in search of.


Acceptance is the value of appreciation and approval. It is the inner felt knowledge that you are more than enough. It is self-love in words and actions that are spoken quietly to yourself and as you speak about yourself in conversation with others.


I share this sacred practice with you as most people struggle to feel true acceptance. It is a part of our inherent desire; to be approved of and accepted by others as a hard-wiring for our oneness. We look for ways to make ourselves better in what measures we believe will be externally valued - by society, media, religion, culture; when true acceptance can only be yours to give to yourself.


You may also seek to become more just to do this because it is important for you and for your personal goals and the desires that fuel your right action. Then, what improvements you pursue, will continue to benefit all of you. Think of self-acceptance as the language by which you speak to yourself as encouragement, as pride, as the methods by which you choose to hold value and self-love.


Here I share the most important builders of self-acceptance beginning with your ability to appreciate and be loving of all that you already are. You do this with gentle and kind words written and spoken and the ever-present appreciation for that which you do not take for granted; and that all that you are capable of.


My hope is that you will dive and take advantage of the skill practices of self-acceptance that I share here as an excerpt from the 10 day course: 'The Sacred Teachings of Being Love.' Self-Acceptance is the topic of Day Two of the course.  This is one episode that you will want to dive into with pdf and pen!


Sending you much love....

This is Dorothy 💜



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Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...


love, dorothy


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