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Season Two Highlights 💜

June 29, 2021

Season Two Highlights

The WISDOM podcast

It's a wrap!  Thank you so much for joining me in Season Two of The WISDOM podcast!  It's been a blast! 

I hope that you will catch up on some of your favorite episodes over the summer! 

Please also have a look out Season Two BONUS Episodes that I'll be sharing over the upcoming weeks.


The WISDOM podcast will return for a third Season in the fall of 2021! 

I'm very grateful to you for sharing in the love and wisdom with me!  Until then, please have a listen to some of my favorite episodes over the past season.  Enjoy!  Namaste! 💜


p.s.  If you have a question for the 'ask dorothy' episodes or a topic idea that you would like to hear about, please write to me!



Spiritual Abundance Season 2  Episode 28

Your Life and How You Live Begins Now  Season 2  Episode 8

I Know the Answer Is In Me  Season 2  Episode 69

Confident Decision Making Using Your Heart Intelligence Season 2  Episode 30

A Time of Acceptance  Season 2  Episode 34

Your Life and How You Live Begins Now  Season 2  Episode 8

Self-Reliance IS Self-Sustainability  Season 2  Episode 12


Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...


love, dorothy


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