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P R E S E N C E | The WISDOM podcast | S2 Bonus Episode 3

August 22, 2021

p r e s e n c e

The WISDOM podcast  S2  Bonus Episode 3


Here I offer the ways in which to think about presence during meditation and how to live in a state of presence in the moments of your life.

Presence teaches you how to willfully enjoy life’s moments, how to allow them in; to accept what they have to offer; to flourish in the experience of them, and to trust that everything by means of each singular moment is meaningful; each moment is significant.


When you practice presence, you become attuned to what is around you. You become more aware of the inward dwelling space of your inner being; and what allows you to witness yourself – your true nature – as the purest aspect of what you are.


Try this simple practice of presence for a moment with me. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Soften into what you feel. Notice your heartbeat beneath the hand that you gently hold unto your heart center.


Presence is about joining in the moments of your life as they are already unfolding; and riding the wave of each moment; being one with them.

It is in this way that the practice of presence opens you. It draws you into the richness of the life you are living; and for seeing and experiencing more.


Sending you great love....




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