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Compassion IS LOVE + A Guided Meditation | The WISDOM podcast | S2 E16

August 9, 2020


Compassion IS LOVE

The WISDOM podcast  Season 2 Episode 16



Podcast Intro:  0-2:08  |  An Introduction to this Episode: Part Three in a Series of Six of Beautiful Guided Meditations: 2:14 |  An Introduction to Compassion: 3:13  | Kindness and Love is so Powerful:  4:09  |  When You Offer Yourself Compassion...  4:28  |  There are Many Reasons to Practice Compassion: 5:23  |  A Prose Meditation on Compassion  9:56  | Podcast Outro: 35:56 




In this part three of a six-part series of beautiful guided meditations, I invite you to open your heart and your mind; to witness yourself and the world in ways that remind you of how kind and peaceful your presence can be; how soothing and comforting your actions are for yourself and others, when you choose to walk in your life with greater presence of what it means to hold compassion; to be compassionate towards yourself and all others, for this is how you are 'love in action'.


Special for this series, I have written a new meditation on the practice of compassion; and of how you may instinctively be of compassion to yourself and others.


There is no greater offering when someone is less fortunate or suffering than to be compassionate; to feel for them and their situation because this is how you offer care and kindness.


Compassion is love.  It is in being compassionate that others are able to feel your genuine concern for their well being; and to hold even for a few moments, the space and the opportunity for them to know that they are  not alone.


Your kindness and love is so powerful.  It is this sacred action of compassion that allows others to rise up, to be heard, to heal, to take the right action for themselves. 


When you offer yourself compassion, you breathe in giving yourself patience to recognize where you are in your life; and you choose to offer unto yourself this gift of kind reverence; of patience and comfort, of understanding, of reassurance that you are not alone; that you will feel better; that kindness directed within is how you help move yourself into a state of peace, responsibility to what is needed and comfort in the knowing of your presence.


love dorothy




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