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Build A Positive Sense of Self: 8 Wildly Important ‘Best Practices’ to Live By | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E18

January 30, 2022


Build A Positive Sense of Self:

8 Wildly Important ‘Best Practices' to Live By

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 18

“You can check in with all of those who love you; whose love is unconditional and unwavering but the true feeling of certainty is born out of the love that you liberate yourself unto.” - dorothy ratusny



Your positive sense of self is the means by which you live - awakened to know and appreciate all of the aspects that define you; in the context of how you witness yourself in the world, self-honest and willing to live honourably – to do the right thing – because this is how you experience yourself as a being of love.



In psychology, sense of self refers to your conceptualization of the collection of characteristics that define you.


Personality traits, abilities and skills, your likes and dislikes, your belief system, your morals and values, what motivates you — how you view yourself in relationships and your perception of how others relate to and receive you. These all contribute to self-esteem and your unique identity as a person.


There are many natural and organic ways that each one of us develops our sense of self beginning with our early childhood. With the known research in neural plasticity, we have the ability to change our sense of self; to develop a more positive and certainly a healthier sense of who we are.


In this episode we discuss what it means to have a healthy and strong sense of self – one that exists because of the relationship you build and nurture with yourself. This is the most important relationship you will ever have. It begins the true awakening of what lies within – what you are beyond the physical and your mind.


Sense of self is achieved by developing the means by which you can be comfortable and content in your own company and to enjoy the companionship of your self.




Sending you great 💜 love...


Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...


love, dorothy


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