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Balance as the Trilogy of Mind, Body, and Soul | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E25

February 27, 2022



Balance as the Trilogy of Mind, Body, and Soul

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 25

~ Everything in life is about balance. ~


“You exist as a microcosm of trillions of cells, all interdependent; all of the cells of your body thrive in homeostasis.”


You feel at your best when your inner world – your body, mind and soul exist in harmony; and as you experience yourself as oneness with all of life. 


In this episode I share the three best practices for living in balance and how important it is  to witness the balance of mind, body, and soul for experiencing wholeness.

Please settle in as we begin with a mindfulness practice on the experience of harmony.



If you would like my help to find your balance, and as you wish to live a more spiritual life, please reach out to me.  namaste! 🙏


Sending you great 💜 love...


Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...


love, dorothy


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