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The Intuition You Seek is Right Here. | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E20

The Intuition You Seek is Right Here. | The WISDOM podcast | S3 E20

February 6, 2022


The Intuition You Seek is Right Here.

The WISDOM podcast  Season 3  Episode 20


This episode is for you if you have been yearning to grow your intuition, to rely on it more than you ever have, to have the confidence in the information that you receive, and to know that your intuition is accurate 100 percent.


The skill sets that I share here will help you become better at interpreting the messages and information that you receive and of course, how to hone your intuition – to have it work for you – and to be able to access it at any time and all of the time.


~develop your ability to access your intuition. live with your heart open, unencumbered by the thoughts of the mind~


In this episode of The WISDOM podcast, we dive into the beautiful expression of intuition.


Intuition is a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something often without proof or evidence.  It is the experience of guidance in the form of ideas, musings, and wisdom.


Intuition is often described as a feeling or inclination that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why.


In this episode we’re going to dive into the practical and also spiritual secrets of how to receive intuition. These are simple and straightforward because intuition is already a part of you life.

We'll discuss what you need to be able to experience your intuition readily and I’ll also guide you in a meditation experience in which I will share two of the most helpful ways to practice setting the environment as well as holding the space within, for being perceptive to your intuition – quite naturally.


"All that lives as grace is already a part of you. Now to witness it in the pure moments of eternity – of life." - dorothy ratusny



If you enjoyed this meditation experience and if you wish to discover more of how you can bring the sacred into the realm of the physical in more of the moments of your life, I encourage you to take my 10 day course: The 10 Sacred Habits of Meditation.


You can also join me in an upcoming live Workshop: The Sacred Practice of Meditation where we explore in depth four sacred practices that, like intuition, will foster a deeper experience of meditation and the means by which you can witness the divine in you - and in all of life.

Thank you so much!!


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Sending you great 💜 love...


Sharing the wisdom and beauty of divine love with you...


love, dorothy


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