The WISDOM Podcast with Dorothy Zennuriye Juno

about the wisdom podcast

October 2, 2019


the wisdom podcast is part of our web of wisdom – a digital healing hub & resource rich tool featuring guided meditations, missives, mantras & mindful musings to manifest your best self.

Part mindfulness meditation, part spoken word inspiration combined with true life client stories – documenting the a-ha moments that showcase the power of the human spirit. 

the culmination of decades of service supporting clients on the path to conscious self discovery and reaching highest potential – combining sage advice, storytelling and snippets of wisdom delivered in a Client/Therapist narrative format. 

each episode combines useful curated wisdom on timely & relevant social and personal development issues and meditative, reflective prompts to guide you on the journey towards your best life.

a genre-bending exploration of the landscape of this sacred journey each of us are on, sharing true life stories of clients who have overcome, broken through and found liberation, self-healing and love through unlocking possibility, potential, purpose and peace on the path to awakening authentic power.

Each episode features practical wisdom and life hacks which you can use on your own sacred journey.

Join us as we explore the path of self awareness, healing and empowerment.







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