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The Four Essential Principles of Meditation - Part Four: PURPOSE | The WISDOM podcast  S2 E68

May 2, 2021

The Four Essential Principles of Meditation

Part Four:  P U R P O S E

The WISDOM podcast  Season 2  Episode 68


Here we are. This episode rounds out this very special ‘how to’ meditation series of the four essential principles of meditation.


These are the foundational elements that will guide you in a successful practice of meditation and these are also the four elements that will lead you into the most beautiful experiences of your life.


If you’ve struggled with how to meditate; how to build a sustainable practice and a beautiful ritual; if you would like to have further gentle guidance that affirms the benefits of meditation and how it helps you in other areas of your life; “these principles are the path and the tools to your holy grail.” They are the masterful, integral elements to guide and support you as you begin your practice or nourish an existing one.


Meditation is something that teaches us how to go within to feel comfort and peace, to reclaim the path home – and into our self; and to quiet the thoughts that stir and rouse; that keep us distracted and far removed from accessing our inner state of calm and Zen - and meditation is one path into your inner wisdom, and the truth that lives within you.


Here in this fourth and final part of the essential principles of meditation, we examine the principle of purpose. As you listen on, consider how this final element is the beautiful accompaniment to the other three principles: that of presence, allowing and will; since purpose is what identifies and ignites the importance for why you choose to meditate; why you develop faith in its cumulative benefit – even if “nothing” seems to be happening at the surface – just yet; and how you witness the greater meaning and purpose of your practice beyond what you experience during meditation itself.


So let’s dive into this fourth principle and its true potential for supporting a beautiful practice and the approach that you bring to all of life. 💜




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Video 4 - P U R P O S E




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